Maria Nys

Maria Nys was born in 1898, in Belgium. 
At the age of 16, she left the country after the German invasion (World War I).

In 1919, she spent some time at Garsington Manor, where she met Aldous Huxley. The same year, they got married in Bellem (Belgium) on June 10. They had one son together , Matthew Huxley, who became an author, anthropologist and prominent epidemiologist.

A big part of the 1920's, the family lived in Italy, before traveling around the world (1925-1926) to Asia and the United States.

In 1938, they moved to Hollywood where Huxley began his career as a screenwriter.

In 1955, Maria died of breast cancer.

                                                                                                      Aldous and his son, Matthew

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